/ skru:; skru/ n
[C] metal pin with a slot or cross cut into its head, and a spiral groove around its shaft, that can be turned and forced into wood, metal, etc so as to fasten and hold things together 螺丝钉; 螺钉; 螺丝.
[C] (often in compounds 常用以构成复合词) thing that is turned like a screw and is used for tightening, gripping, etc 螺旋状物: tighten the screw on a fruit press 旋紧水果榨汁机的螺丝 * a `corkscrew, ie for taking corks out of bottles 瓶塞钻(拔软木瓶塞用的).
[C] act of turning; turn 拧; 转动: The nut isn't tight enough yet: give it another screw. 螺母不太紧, 再拧一下吧. =>illus 见插图.
[C] propeller, esp of a ship or motor boat 螺旋桨(尤指船的): a twin-screw cruiser 双螺旋桨的机动游艇.
[C] (dated esp Brit) small twisted piece of paper and its contents (拧口的)小纸包及所盛之物: a screw of salt, tea, tobacco, etc 一小纸包盐﹑ 茶﹑ 烟草等.
[sing] (Brit sl 俚) salary or wages 薪水; 工资: be on/be paid a good screw 薪水挣得不少.
[C] (Brit sl 俚) prison warder 监狱看守.
[sing] (<!> sl 讳, 俚) (a) act of sexual intercourse 性交: have a screw with sb 与某人性交. (b) partner in sexual intercourse 性交的对象: be a good screw 是个性交的好对象.
(idm 习语) have a `screw loose be slightly mad or eccentric 有点疯癫或古怪: She eats nothing but nuts: she must have a screw loose! 她这个人除了乾果, 什麽都不吃, 准是有毛病! put the `screw(s) on (sb) force sb to do sth by intimidating him 威逼某人做某事: The landlord's putting the screws on to get her out of the house. 房东正在逼她搬家. a turn of the screw => turn2.
> screw v
1 [Tn, Tn.pr, Tn.p] fasten or tighten (sth) with a screw or screws 用螺丝钉将(某物)拧紧: a tightly screwed joint 用螺钉拧得很紧的接头 * screw a bracket to the wall 用螺丝把托架固定到墙上 * screw a lock on the door 用螺丝把锁拧在门上 * screw all the parts together 用螺丝钉把所有部件都拧在一起.
2 (a) [Tn.pr, Tn.p, Cn.a] twist (sth) round; make tighter by twisting 拧动(某物); 拧紧: screw the lid on/off (the jar) 拧上[拧开](罐子)盖 * screw the joints together 把接头拧在一起 * screw a bulb in 把灯泡拧上 * screw one's head round, ie in order to look over one's shoulder 转过头去 * screw the nut (up) tight 把螺母拧紧. (b) [Ipr, Ip] be attached by screwing 拧牢: This type of bulb screws into the socket. 这种灯是拧到灯座上的. * Does this lid screw on, or does one press it down? 这个盖子是拧的还是按的?
3 [Tn, Tn.pr] ~ sb (for sth) (sl 俚) cheat sb 欺骗某人: We got screwed when we bought this house. 我们买这所房子上当了. * How much did they screw you for? ie How much did you have to pay? 他们敲了你多少钱? (你付了多少?)
4 (<!> sl 讳, 俚) (a) [I] (of two people) have sexual intercourse (指二人)性交: a couple screwing in the back of a car 正在汽车後排座位上性交的两个人. (b) [Tn] (esp of a man) have sexual intercourse with (尤指男子)与...性交: He accused me of screwing his wife. 他控告我奸淫他的妻子.
5 (idm 习语) have one's head screwed on =>head 1. screw him, you, that, etc (<!> sl 讳, 俚) (used in the imperative to express one's irritation about sb/sth 用於祈使句, 对某人[某事物]表示愤怒): Screw you, mate! 去你妈的, 你这个家伙! screw up one's `courage force oneself to be brave 鼓起勇气: I screwed up my courage and went to the dentist. 我鼓起勇气去找牙科医生.
6 (phr v) screw sth out of sth remove sth from sth by twisting 从某物中拧出某物: screw the water out of the sponge 把水从海绵里拧出. screw sth out of sb force sb to give sth 逼某人交出某事物: They screwed the money out of her by threats. 他们威胁她把钱交出来. screw up (sl 俚) handle a situation very badly 弄糟某事: I was trying to help, but I screwed up again. 我原想帮忙, 反而又把事情搞糟了. screw sth up (a) fasten sth with screws 用螺丝钉将某物拧紧: screw up a crate 用螺丝钉把板条箱拧紧. (b) make (paper, etc) into a tight ball 将(纸等)揉成团: I screwed up the note and threw it on the fire. 我把便条揉成团扔进火里了. (c) tense the muscles of (the face, the eyes) when the light is too strong, when one feels pain, etc (因光强﹑ 疼痛等)扭曲(面孔﹑ 眼睛): The taste of the lemon made her screw up her face. 柠檬把她酸得龇牙咧嘴. (d) (sl 俚) handle (a situation) very badly; make a mess of sth 把(某物)弄糟; 搞乱某事: Don't ask them to organize the trip, they'll only screw everything up. 别让他们组织此行, 他们准得把一切都搞糟了.
screwy adj (-ier, -iest) (infml 口) strange, eccentric or crazy 奇怪的; 古怪的; 疯狂的: She's really screwy! 她简直疯了! * What a screwy idea! 多奇怪的主意!
# `screwball n (US infml 口) eccentric or crazy person 古怪的人; 疯狂的人: [attrib 作定语] a screwball comedy 一出离奇的喜剧.
`screwdriver n tool with a handle and a blade that fits into a slot, etc in the head of a screw to turn it 改锥; 螺丝刀; 螺丝起子. ,screwed-`up adj (sl 俚) upset and not completely able to cope with problems in life 烦乱而无法处理生活问题的: ,screwed-up `kids 烦乱而不能自理的孩子 * I'm still screwed-up about the accident. 我仍对那次事故耿耿於怀.
`screw-topped (also `screw-top) adj (of a jar, etc) having a top or lid that screws onto it (指罐子等)旋盖的.