/ skri:n; skrin/ n
[C] upright, fixed or movable, sometimes folding framework used for dividing a room, concealing sth, protecting sb from excessive heat, light, etc 隔板; 屏; 幕; 帘; 帐: a screen in front of the fire 炉前的隔板 * get undressed behind a screen 在屏风後脱衣服.
[C] anything that conceals sb or sth or gives protection, eg from the weather 掩蔽物: a screen of trees, eg hiding a house from a road 树林形成的屏障 * use the blanket as a screen to keep the wind off 用毯子挡风 * a `sunscreen, ie used to protect the skin from harmful rays from the sun 防晒剂(保护皮肤用的) * He was using his business activities as a screen for crime. 他用生意活动作掩护干着犯罪的勾当.
[C] (esp in old churches) wood or stone structure that partially separates the main part of a church from the altar, or the nave of a cathedral from the choir (尤指旧教堂的)圣坛屏幕, 唱诗班屏幕. =>illus at App 1 见附录1插图, page viii.
(a) [C] blank surface onto which still pictures or films are projected 银幕. =>illus 见插图.(b) [C] blank surface, esp on a TV or computer monitor, on which pictures or data are shown 屏幕, 荧光屏, 荧屏(尤指电视机或计算机的). (c) (often 常作 the screen) [sing] the film industry or cinema films 电影业; 电影界; 电影: write for the screen, ie write the dialogue for films 为电影写对白 * a star of stage and screen, ie appearing in plays and films 戏剧兼电影明星 * I work for both the big and the small screen, ie for both films and TV. 我从事影视工作. * [attrib 作定语] a screen actor, performance, writer 电影的演员﹑ 上演﹑ 脚本作者. (d) [C] cinema, esp one that is part of a complex of cinemas 电影院(尤指影院集中区的): Two smaller screens will be opening in May. 五月份将有两家小型电影院开业.
[C] frame with fine wire netting to keep out flies, mosquitoes, etc 纱门﹑ 纱窗等: a `door-screen 纱门 * a `window-screen 纱窗.
[C] large sieve or riddle used for separating coal, gravel, etc into different sizes by passing it through holes of different sizes (筛煤﹑ 砾石等的)筛子.
[C] = sight-screen (sight1).
(idm 习语) the silver screen => silver.
> screen v
1 [Tn, Tn.pr, Tn.p] ~ sth/sb (off) (from sth/sb); ~ sth/sb (against sth) conceal, protect or shelter sth/sb with a screen (用隔板﹑ 屏﹑ 幕等)隐藏﹑ 掩护或遮蔽某物[某人]: The bushes will screen us while we change. 我们用灌木丛遮挡着换衣服. * The trees screen the house from view. 有这些树隔着看不见那所房子. * The camera lens must be screened from direct sunlight. 照相机的镜头不可受到阳光的直射. * The wall screens us against the wind. 这堵墙能给我们挡风. * A bookcase screens off part of the room. 有个书柜把房间隔开了一部分.
2 [Tn, Tn.pr] ~ sb (from sth/sb) (fig 比喻) protect sb (from blame, punishment, etc) 保护某人(不受责备﹑ 惩罚等); 包庇; 袒护: Everyone's angry with you, and I can't screen you (from their anger). 大家都生你的气, 我无法护着你. * You can't screen your children from real life for ever. 不能总护着孩子不让他们接触实际生活.
3 Tn] pass (coal, gravel, etc) through a screen(6) 筛(煤﹑ 砾石等).
4 [Tn, Tn.pr] ~ sb/sth (for sth) examine or test sb/sth to find out if there is any disease, defect, etc 检查或测试某人[某事物](有无疾病﹑ 缺陷等): screen women for breast cancer 检查女子是否患有乳腺癌 * The applications were carefully screened in case any of them contained false information.仔细审查了所有的申请资料以防弄虚作假. * Government employees are often screened by the security services, ie Their past history is checked, to ensure that they are not likely to be disloyal or subversive. 政府雇员经常受到保安部门审查.
5 [Tn] show (a film, scene, etc) on a screen(4a) 放映(影片﹑ 片段等): The film has been screened in the cinema and on TV. 这部电影已在电影院及电视上放映. screening n showing of a film, TV programme, etc (电影﹑ 电视等的)放映: the film's first screening in this country 该影片在本国之首映.
# `screenplay n script for a film 电影剧本.
`screen test test to see if sb is suitable to appear in a cinema film 试镜头(以挑选电影演员).