2 / skrAtF; skrAtF/ n
[C] mark, cut, injury or sound made by scratching (scratch1 1a) 刮﹑ 划﹑ 抓等的痕﹑ 伤或声音: scratches on old records 旧唱片发出的沙沙声 * Her hands were covered with scratches from thethorns. 她手上有很多棘刺划的伤痕. * It's only a scratch,ie a very slight injury. 那只是一点擦伤. * He escaped without a scratch, ie completely unhurt. 他安全逃脱了.
[sing] act or period of scratching (scratch1 2) 挠; 搔; 搔痒: The dog gave itself a good scratch. 那条狗使劲地搔痒一番.
(a) [C] line from which competitors start in a race when they receive no handicap (无让步条件的)起跑线. (b) [U] status of a player who receives no handicap 无让步条件的参赛者的资格或身分: play to scratch, ie without any handicap 平权比赛 * [attrib 作定语] a scratch player, golfer, etc 无让步条件比赛的参加者﹑ 高尔夫球员等.
(idm 习语) (start sth) from `scratch (begin sth) at the beginning, not using any work that was done before 从没有任何基础开始; 从零开始: There were so many spelling mistakes, I had to write the letter out again from scratch. 这封信的拼写错误太多, 我得重写一遍. (be/come) up to `scratch; (bring sb/sth) up to `scratch as good as sb/sth should be; satisfactory (使某人[某事物])合格; 令人满意: Is her schoolwork up to scratch? 她的功课行吗? * We'll have to bring the house up to scratch before we sell it. 我们得把这所房子维修一下再出售.
> scratch adj [attrib 作定语] made up with whatever people or materials are available 用现有的人或材料拼凑的: a scratch meal, team, crew 现凑成的饭菜﹑ 队﹑ 工作人员. scratchy adj (-ier, -iest)
1 making the skin feel itchy or irritated 使皮肤发痒的; 刺激皮肤的: scratchy clothes, wool, etc 使皮肤发痒的衣物﹑ 毛织品等.
2 (of a record) making clicks and hisses when played because of scratches on its surface (指唱片)发沙沙声的.
3 (of a pen) making a scratching sound (指钢笔)发刮纸声的.
4 (of writing or drawings) untidy or carelessly done (指文字或图画)潦草的. scratchily adv. scratchiness n [U].