/ 5skrAmbl; `skrAmbl/ v
[Ipr, Ip] climb or crawl quickly, usu over rough ground or with difficulty; clamber 攀登; 爬: scramble up the embankment 爬上堤岸 * The girl scrambled over the wall. 那个女孩儿翻过了墙. * The children scrambled out of the hollow tree. 孩子都从树洞里爬出来了.
[I, Ipr, It] ~ (for sth) struggle or compete with others, esp to get sth or a share of sth 争夺, 竞争(尤指为得到某事物): players scrambling for possession of the ball 争着抢球的运动员 * The children scrambled for the coins. 孩子们争夺硬币. * They were all scrambling to get the bargains. 他们都争先恐後抢购廉价货.
[Tn, Tn.p] ~ sth (up) mix (things) together in an untidy way; jumble sth up 将(东西)乱混在一起; 搅乱某事物: Who has scrambled up my sewing things? 谁把我的针线活儿弄乱了?
[Tn] mix the whites and yolks of (eggs) together while cooking them in a saucepan with milk and butter (用牛奶和黄油)炒(蛋).
[Tn] change the way (a telephone conversation, etc) sounds by altering the wave frequency, so that only sb with a special receiver can understand it 扰频或倒频使(电话通话等)只可由有特殊接收器的人收听.
[I, Tn] (cause a military aircraft to) take off suddenly, eg to repel an enemy raid (使军用飞机)紧急起飞.
> scramble n
1 [sing] climb or walk done with difficulty or over rough ground 攀登; 爬行: a scramble over the rocks at the seashore 攀登海边的岩石.
2 [sing] ~ (for sth) rough struggle (to get sth) 争夺; 抢夺: There was a scramble for the best seats. 大家都在抢最好的座位.
3 [C] motor-cycle race over rough ground 摩托车越野赛.
scrambler / 5skrAmblE(r); `skrAmblL/ n device for scrambling telephone conversations, etc 扰频器; 倒频器.