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[C, U] (a) programme of work to be done or of planned events 进度表; 预定计画表: a factory production schedule 工厂生产进度表 * have a full schedule, ie have many things to do 预定计画表排得很满 * a project that is ahead of/on/behind schedule 提前[按期/未按期]完成的计画 * Everything is going according to schedule. 一切都在按预定计画进行. (b) = timetable (time1): The fog disrupted airline schedules. 这场大雾扰乱了航空公司的时刻表.
list of items, etc 清单; 明细表; 一览表: a spare parts schedule 零件一览表 * The attached schedule gives details of the shipment. 装运货物的细目见所附清单.
> schedule v [esp passive 尤用於被动语态: Tn, Tn.pr, Cn.t] ~ sth (for sth) include sth in a schedule; arrange sth for a certain time 将某事列入进度表; 为某事安排时间: One of the scheduled events is a talk on flower arranging. 安排的活动中有一项是插花艺术讲座. * The sale is scheduled for tomorrow. 大减价定於明日举行. * She is scheduled to give a speech tonight. 她定於今晚演讲. * a scheduled flight, service, etc, ie one that an airline, etc organizes and carries out regularly 定期航班﹑ 服务等.