/ 5skAtE(r); `skAtL/ v
[I, Tn] (cause people or animals to) move, usu quickly, in different directions (使人或动物)散开: The crowd scattered. 人群散开了. * The police scattered the crowd. 警察驱散了人群.
(a) [Tn, Tn.pr, Tn.p] throw (sth) in different directions; put here and there 撒(某物); 散布: scatter seed (over the ground) 播种 * scatter grit on the road 把沙砾撒在路面上 * We scattered plates of food around the room before the party. 我们在聚会前把一盘盘食物摆放在屋中各处. * (fig 比喻) Don't scatter your money around. 别到处挥霍. (b) [Tn.pr] ~ sth with sth cover (a surface, etc) with sth by throwing it in different directions 将某物撒在(某物表面)上: scatter the lawn with grass seed 把草籽撒在草坪上.
> scatter (also scattering / 5skAtErIN; `skAtErIN/ n [sing] amount or number of things scattered; sprinkling 散布之物的数量; 少量: a scatter of hailstones 稀疏的冰雹.
scattered adj lying far apart; not close together 分散的; 稀疏的: a few scattered settlements 几处分散的居民点 * a thinly scattered population 散布得很稀疏的居民 * sunshine with scattered showers 晴朗, 间有零星阵雨.
# `scatter-brain n (infml 口) person who cannot concentrate on one thing for very long, is forgetful, etc 精神不集中的人; 健忘的人. `scatter-brained adj.
NOTE ON USAGE : When we scatter something we throw it in different directions. *scatter指将某物向四面八方扔去. We can also scatter an area (the ground, a field, etc) with something 这个词也可指将某物撒在一处(地上﹑ 田里等): scatter seeds on the fields/scatter the fields with seeds 在田里播种[把种子撒在田地里]. Scatter over/about suggests that the throwing is done carelessly and causes a mess *scatter over/about指随便扔, 弄得乱七八糟: Who's scattered my papers all over the floor? 谁把我的文件扔得满地都是? * We came home to find our belongings scattered about the room. 我们回到家里看到东西扔得满屋都是. Strew is most commonly used in the past participle form strewn. *strew多见於其过去分词形式strewn. *It can suggest both intentional and careless throwing 这一动作既可为有意识的, 也可为随随便便的: The streets were strewn with flowers for the royal visit. 街道布满了花朵以迎接王室成员莅临. * There was litter strewn all over the pavement. 人行道上到处都是扔的垃圾. Sprinkle is used with water, sand, salt, etc and indicates intentional scattering, usually over a small area *sprinkle用以指洒水﹑ 撒沙子﹑ 撒盐等, 且指有意识地散布在通常为一小块范围内: Sprinkle a little salt on the rice. 在米饭上撒点盐. * The priest sprinkled holy water on the baby's forehead. 神父把圣水洒在婴儿的额头上. * The grass was sprinkled with dew. 草上沾满了露珠.