/ skB:(r); skBr/ n
mark left on the skin by a wound, sore, etc 伤痕; 疤: Will the cut leave a scar? 这伤口能留下疤痕吗? * (fig 比喻) scars on the cupboard from burning cigarettes 香烟在柜橱上烧的痕迹.
feelings of great sadness, guilt, etc after an unpleasant experience (精神上的)创伤: Her years in prison left a scar. 她在狱中的岁月留下了精神创伤.
> scar v (-rr-)
1 [Tn] leave a scar or scars on (sb) 给(某人)留下伤痕: a face scarred by smallpox 出过天花的脸 * (fig 比喻) scarred by the death of his daughter 他因女儿死亡精神受创.
2 [I, Ip] ~ (over) heal by forming a scar; form a scar or scars 痊愈(留下疤痕); 结疤: Will the cut scar? 伤口能结疤吗? * The wound gradually scarred over. 伤口逐渐痊愈结了疤.