2 / seIl; sel/ v
(a) [Ipr, Ip] travel on water in a ship, yacht, etc using sails or engine power; move forward on ice, a sandy beach, etc in a wheeled vehicle with sails (乘船或机帆船﹑ 游艇等)作水上旅行; (坐带帆的轮式运载工具)在冰上或沙滩上滑行: sail up/along the coast [沿]海岸航行 * sail into the harbour 驶入海港 * an oil tanker sailing by 驶过的油轮. (b) [I] (usu 通常作 go sailing) travel on water in a boat with sails, esp as a sport 乘帆船航行; (尤指)帆船运动. =>Usage at travel 用法见travel.
[I, Ipr] ~ (from...) (for/to...) (of a ship or the crew and passengers) begin a voyage (指船或船员和乘客)起航: When does the ship sail? 这船何时起航? * He has sailed (from Southampton) for New York. 他已乘船(从南安普顿)去纽约了.
[Tn] travel by ship across or on (a sea, an ocean, etc) 乘船在(海洋等)上或越过(海洋等)旅行: sail the Aegean in a cruiser 乘游艇在爱琴海上旅游.
[I, Tn, Tn.pr, Tn.p] (be able to) control (a ship or boat) (能)驾驶(船): Do you sail? 你会驾驶船吗? * She sails her own yacht. 她驾驶自己的游艇. * He sailed the boat between the islands. 他驾驶着船在两岛之间航行.
(idm 习语) run/sail before the wind => wind 1. sail close/near to the `wind behave in a way that is dangerous or nearly illegal 干危险或近乎违法的事: He never actually tells lies, but he often sails pretty close to the wind. 他实际上从不撒谎, 但说的话常迹近撒谎.
(phr v) sail across, into, past, etc sb/sth move in a smooth or very confident way in the direction specified 顺利地或极有信心地沿某方向行进: clouds sailing across the sky 轻快地飘过天空的云彩 * The manager sailed into the room. 经理神态自若地走进房间. * She sailed past (me), ignoring me completely. 她从我身旁翩然走过, 全然不理会我. sail in enter an argument or dispute energetically 参与激烈争论或辩论: Ann then sailed in with a furious attack on the chairman. 安随後严词抨击董事长. sail into sb attack sb in words 抨击某人: He sailed into the witness, accusing him of lying. 他指责证人撒谎. sail through (sth) come through (an examination, a test, etc) without difficulty 顺利通过(考试﹑ 测验等): She sailed through her finals. 她顺利通过期末考试.
> sailing n
1 [U] travelling in a yacht, dinghy, etc, esp as a sport 驾驶帆船航行(尤指作为运动): I love sailing. 我喜欢帆船运动. * [attrib 作定语] a sailing club, dinghy 帆船俱乐部﹑ 帆船.
2 [C] voyage made regularly; departure of a ship on a voyage (轮船的)航班; 起船: three sailings a day from here to Calais 从这里到加来每日三次轮船航班.
3 (idm 习语) plain sailing => plain1.`sailing-boat, `sailing-ship ns boat or ship that uses sails 帆船. =>illus at dinghy 见插图dinghy.