1 / seIf; sef/ adj ( -r, -st)
[pred 作表语] ~ (from sth/sb) protected from danger and harm; secure 安全; 平安; 无危险: You'll be safe here. 你在这里很安全. * safe from attack/attackers 免受攻击[他人攻击].
[pred 作表语] not or unlikely to be damaged, hurt, lost, etc 不会或不致受到损害﹑ 伤害﹑ 损失等: The missing child was found safe and well. 失踪的孩子已经找到, 平安无事. * She got back safe from her adventure. 她有惊无险已安全返回. * The plane crashed but the crew are safe. 那架飞机失事了, 但机组人员都安然无恙. * Will the car be safe outside? 汽车停在外面安全吗? * Your secret is safe with me, ie I will not tell it to anyone. 我一定给你保密.
not likely to cause or lead to damage, injury, loss, etc 不致引起或导致损害﹑ 损伤﹑ 损失等的: a safe car, speed, road 安全的汽车﹑ 速度﹑ 道路 * safer methods of testing drugs 检验药物的更可靠的方法 * Is that ladder safe? 那梯子结实吗? * It's not safe to go out at night. 夜晚出门不安全. * Are the toys safe for small children? 小孩儿玩儿这样的玩具有危险吗? * a safe investment, ie that will not lose money 无风险的投资 * Put it in a safe place, ie where it will not be stolen, lost, etc. 把它放在安全的地方.
(a) [usu attrib 通常作定语] (of a person) unlikely to do dangerous things; cautious (指人)不冒险的, 小心的: a safe driver, worker, goalkeeper 谨慎的驾驶员﹑ 工人﹑ 守门员. (b) (often derog 常作贬义) showing a cautious attitude 谨小慎微的: a safe choice 过於小心的选择 * They appointed a safe person as the new manager, eg one unlikely to make changes, offend people, etc. 他们任命了一个谨小慎微的人担任新经理.
(idm 习语) better safe than sorry => better2 . for safe `keeping to be kept safely, protected, etc 妥善保管﹑ 保护等: Before the game I gave my watch to my wife for safe keeping. 我在比赛前把手表交妻子保管. in (sb's) safe `keeping being kept safely, protected, etc (by sb) 由(某人)保管﹑ 保护等: Can I leave the children in your safe keeping? 我把孩子交给你看管行吗? on the `safe side taking no risks 为慎重起见; 以防万一: Although the sun was shining, I took an umbrella (just) to be on the safe side. 虽然有太阳, 但我仍带了雨伞以防万一. play (it) `safe carefully avoid risks 小心避开危险; 稳重行事: The bus might be early, so we'd better play safe and leave now. 公共汽车可能早到, 因此我们得稳妥点, 现在就动身. ,safe and `sound unharmed 平安无事: The rescuers brought the climbers back safe and sound. 救援人员把登山的人都平安地救了回来. (as) safe as `houses very safe 非常安全: If you fix the brakes the car will be as safe as houses. 把制动器修好, 汽车就非常安全了. a safe bet thing that is certain to be successful 肯定成功的事情: I'm wearing black for the party it's always a safe bet. 我穿黑色礼服参加聚会--万无一失. > safely adv. safeness n [U]: a feeling of safeness 安全感.
# ,safe `conduct (document granting) freedom from the danger of attack, arrest, etc when passing through an area 安全通行权; 安全通行证: The robbers wanted safe conduct to the airport for themselves and their hostages. 劫匪要求保证他们自己以及他们劫持的人质去机场的安全.
`safe deposit (US ,safe de`posit) building containingstrong-rooms and safes which people may rent separatelyfor storing valuables 贵重物品保管处(其保险箱可供人租用). safe-deposit box small safe in such a building (贵重物品保管处的)保险箱.
`safe house house used by criminals, secret agents, etc, where sb can be kept without being discovered or disturbed 罪犯﹑ 特务等用来藏匿人的房子.
the `safe period time just before and during a woman's period when sexual intercourse is unlikely to make her pregnant 安全期(妇女受孕可能性极小的时期).
,safe `seat (Brit) Parliamentary seat which a candidate for a particular party cannot lose 保险席位(一政党候选人肯定可以得到的国会议席).