/ 5sAkrIfaIs; `sAkrE9faIs/ n
~ (to sb) (a) [U] offering of sth valuable, often a slaughtered animal, to a god 供奉; 献祭; 祭祀: the sacrifice of an ox to Jupiter 用牛祭祀古罗马主神朱庇特. (b) [C] such an offering; thing offered in this way 供品; 祭品; 牺牲: kill a sheep as a sacrifice 宰羊用作祭品.
(a) [U] giving up of sth, usu in return for sth more important or valuable 放弃某事物(通常指为获得更重要或更有价值的东西): Getting rich isn't worth the sacrifice of your principles.为致富而牺牲原则是不值得的. * He became a top sportsman at some sacrifice to himself, ie by training very hard, giving up many pleasures, etc. 他付出了一些代价才成为优秀运动员. (b) [C] thing given up in this way 牺牲的事物: Her parents made many sacrifices so that she could go to university. 她父母为她上大学在多方面作了牺牲.
> sacrifice v
1 [Ipr, Tn, Tn.pr] ~ to sb; ~ sth (to sb) make a sacrifice(1) of (sth) to sb 供奉; 献祭; 祭祀: sacrifice to idols 供奉偶像 * sacrifice a lamb to the gods 以羊羔祭祀众神.
2 [Tn, Tn.pr] ~ sth (to sb/sth) give up sth as a sacrifice(2) 牺牲某事物: She sacrificed her career to marry him. 她为了嫁给他牺牲了自己的事业. * The car's designers have sacrificed comfort to economy, ie have made the car less comfortable in order to sell it at a low price. 汽车设计人员为降低造价舍弃了汽车舒适方面的一些设想. * I'm not sacrificing my day off just to go shopping with Jane. 我可不愿意牺牲一天休假日单单陪简去买东西.
sacrificial / 9sAkrI5fIFl; 9sAkrE`fIFEl/ adj [usu attrib 通常作定语] of or like a sacrifice (似)供奉(品)的, 献祭(品)的, 祭祀(品)的, 牺牲(品)的. sacrificially / -FElI; -FElI/ adv.