1 / sAk; sAk/ n
(contents of) any large bag of strong material used for storing and carrying eg cement, coal, flour, potatoes 大口袋(用以存放或装运水泥﹑ 煤﹑ 面粉﹑ 马铃薯等的); 大口袋所装之物: The sack split and the rice poured out. 口袋裂开了, 大米撒出来了.
(US) (contents of) any bag (任何的)口袋(所盛之物): a sack of candies 一包糖果 * two sacks of groceries 两袋杂货.
(also `sack dress) short loose straight dress 布袋装(宽松直筒短装).
(idm 习语) hit the hay/sack => hit1.
> sackful / -fUl; -fJl/ n quantity held by a sack 一袋的量: two sackfuls of flour 两袋面粉.
sacking n [U] cloth, eg coarse flax or hemp, used for making sacks 做口袋用的布(如麻布).
# `sackcloth n [U]
1 = sacking.
2 (idm 习语) ,sackcloth and `ashes signs of repentance or mourning 忏悔; 哀悼.
`sack-race n race in which competitors put both legs in a sack and move forward by jumping 套袋赛跑(双腿套入袋内跳跃前进的竞赛).