/ 5rQnE(r); `rQnL/ n
person or animal that runs; one taking part in a race 奔跑的人或动物; 赛跑的人或动物: a long-distance runner 长跑者 * There are eight runners (ie horses competing) in the final race. 有八匹马参加决赛.
messenger, esp for a bank or stockbroker信差; 送信人; (尤指银行或股票经纪人的)跑外.
(esp in compounds 尤用以构成复合词) person smuggling the goods stated into or out of an area 偷运某货物出入某地的人; 走私者: `drug-runners 偷运毒品的人 * `gun-runners 走私枪枝的人.
metal or wood strip on which sth slides or moves along (金属制的或木制的)条状滑行装置: the runners (ie blades) of my ice-skates 我的冰鞋上的冰刀 * sledge runners 雪橇的滑板.
creeping plant stem that can take root 匍匐茎; 纤匐枝: strawberry runners 草莓纤匐枝.
long narrow strip of embroidered cloth, lace, etc placed on a sideboard, table, etc for ornament or protection (铺於餐具柜﹑ 桌子等上的)长条?花饰布﹑ 饰带等.
# ,runner `bean (also string bean) (Brit) (US `pole bean) (a) type of climbing bean-plant 红花菜豆(攀缘豆科植物). (b) long green pod growing from this 红花菜豆(此种植物的绿色长豆荚).
runner-up / 9rQnEr5Qp; 9rQnL`Qp/ n (pl runners-up/ 9rQnEz5Qp; 9rQnLz`Qp/) ~ (to sb) person or team finishing second in a race or competition (竞赛中的)第二名, 亚军.