/ 5ru:In; `ruIn/ n
[U] severe damage or destruction 毁坏; 毁灭; 灭亡: a city reduced to a state of ruin by war 由於战争而遭到严重破坏的城市 * The news meant the ruin of all our hopes. 这消息使我们的一切希望都破灭了.
[U] (a) complete loss of all one's money, resources or prospects (金钱﹑ 资财的)完全丧失; (前途的)断送: Ruin was staring her in the face. 她眼看就要倾家荡产了. * brought to ruin by drugs 因吸毒而断送了前程. (b) cause of this 毁灭﹑ 破产等的原因; 祸根: Gambling was his ruin. 他堕落是因为好赌.
[U] state of being decayed, collapsed or destroyed 破败﹑ 坍塌或毁坏的状态: The castle has fallen into ruin. 那城堡已破败不堪.
[C] remains of sth that has decayed or collapsed or been destroyed 破败﹑ 坍塌或毁坏之残余物; 废墟: The abbey is now a ruin. 那修道院现已成废墟. * the ruins of Pompeii 庞贝城的遗迹.
(idm 习语) go to rack and ruin => rack3. in `ruins in a severely damaged or decayed condition 严重受损; 破败不堪: An earthquake left the whole town in ruins. 那次地震过後, 全城到处是颓垣断壁. * His career is/lies in ruins. 他已前途尽毁.
> ruin v [Tn]
1 cause the destruction of (sth/sb) 毁坏, 毁灭(某事物[某人]): He ruined his prospects by carelessness. 他因疏忽大意而断送了前途. * The storm ruined the crops. 暴风雨毁坏了庄稼. * He's a ruined man, ie has lost all his money, prospects, etc. 他已不名一文(损失了全部钱财﹑ 断送了前途等). * a ruined building 毁坏的建筑物.
2 (infml 口) spoil (sth/sb) 毁坏, 损害(某事物[某人]): The island has been ruined by tourism. 该岛毁在旅游业上了. * It poured with rain and my dress got/was ruined. 大雨倾盆, 我的连衣裙已淋得不成样子了. * You're ruining that child, eg by being too indulgent. 你把孩子宠坏了.
ruination / 9ru:I5neIFn; 9ruIn`eFEn/ n [U] (cause of) being ruined 损害, 毁坏(的起因); 祸根: Late frosts are ruination for the garden. 晚霜能冻死园中的植物. * You'll be the ruination of me! 你早晚得把我毁了!
ruinous / 5ru:InEs; `ruInEs/ adj bringing (esp financial) ruin 带来巨大损失的(尤指财务上): ruinous expenditure 倾家荡产的花费 * (joc 谑) The prices in that restaurant are absolutely ruinous. 那家饭馆的价钱贵得能把人坑死. ruinously adv: a ruinously expensive meal, restaurant, coat 价钱贵得令人咋舌的饭食﹑ 餐馆﹑ 大衣.