1 / 5rQbE(r); `rQbL/ n
[U] tough elastic substance made from the milky juice of certain tropical plants, or synthetically 橡胶; 合成橡胶: an electric cable insulated with rubber 用橡胶作绝缘材料的电缆 * [attrib 作定语] a pair of rubber gloves 一副橡皮手套 * rubber car tyres 橡胶汽车轮胎.
[C] (Brit) (also esp US eraser) (a) piece of this or some other substance for rubbing out pencil or ink marks (擦铅笔或墨水痕迹的)橡皮: a pencil with a rubber on the end 一端带橡皮的铅笔. (b) piece of material for rubbing out chalk marks on ablackboard 黑板擦.
[C] (infml esp US) contraceptive sheath; condom 避孕套; 阴茎套.
rubbers [pl] (esp US) waterproof rubber coverings worn over the shoes; galoshes (防水的)橡胶套鞋.
> rubberize, -ise / 5rQbEraIz; `rQbE9rBIz/ v [Tn] treat or coat (sth) with rubber 用橡胶处理(某物); 在(某物)上覆上橡胶: rubberized material 覆有橡胶层的材料.
rubbery / 5rQbErI; `rQbErI/ adj like rubber in consistency or texture 似橡胶的: chewing a rubbery piece of meat 嚼着一块嚼不烂的肉.
# ,rubber `band (also elastic band, US elastic) loop of rubber used for holding things together 橡皮筋; 橡皮圈: a pack of cards with a rubber band round them 用橡皮筋捆着的一副纸牌.
`rubber goods (euph 婉) contraceptive devices and sexual aids 避孕用具及性生活辅助用具.
`rubber plant type of plant with thick shiny green leaves, often grown indoors for decoration 橡胶植物(叶厚而有光泽, 常作室内盆栽).
,rubber `stamp 1 small device for printing dates, signatures, etc on a surface by hand 橡皮图章. 2 (fig 比喻) person or group that automatically gives approval to the actions or decisions of others 机械地赞同他人的行动或决定的人或团体. ,rubber-`stamp v [Tn] (often derog 常作贬义) approve (sth) automatically and without proper consideration 未经适当考虑便机械地赞同(某事物).