/ 5rRIEl; `rRIEl/ adj [usu attrib 通常作定语]
of a king or queen 国王的; 女王的: limitations on royal power 对王权的限制 * the royal visit to Canada 国王对加拿大的访问 * the royal prerogative 国王的特权.
belonging to the family of a king or queen (属於)王室的, 王族的: the royal princesses 国王的(除王后之外的)女眷.
in the service or under the patronage of a king or queen 为国王或女王效力的; 国王或女王赞助的: the Royal `Air Force 皇家空军 * the Royal Marines 皇家海军陆战队 * the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds 皇家鸟类保护协会.
suitable for a king, etc; splendid 适於国王的; 盛大的: a royal welcome 盛大的欢迎.
(idm 习语) the royal `we' monarch's use of the plural pronoun to refer to himself or herself 朕, 寡人(君主用於自称): (joc 谑) `We've never liked Italy.' `Is that the royal ``we''? I think Italy's great!' ‘我们向来不喜欢意大利.’‘你说的?我们?是指你孤家寡人吧? 我认为意大利好极了!’
> royal n (usu pl 通常作复数) (infml 口) member of the royal family 王室成员.
royalist / 5rRIElIst; `rRIElIst/ n person who favours monarchy as a form of government 保皇主义者; 保皇党成员.
royally / 5rRIElI; `rRIElI/ adv in a splendid manner 盛大地: We were royally entertained. 我们受到了盛情的款待.
# ,royal `blue (Brit) deep bright blue colour 宝蓝; 藏蓝.
,Royal Com`mission (Brit) group of people officially appointed by the monarch to investigate and report on a particular matter 皇家调查委员会(由君主指派的).
,Royal `Highness (used as the title of a royal person, esp a prince or princess 用作王室成员(尤指王子﹑ 王孙或公主﹑ 孙公主)的尊称): Her Royal Highness, the Princess of Wales 储妃殿下 * Their Royal Highnesses, the Duke and Duchess of York 约克公爵及公爵夫人殿下 * Thank you, Your Royal Highness. 感谢殿下.
,royal `jelly substance secreted by worker bees and fed by them to future queen bees 蜂王浆.