3 / ru:t; rut/ v (phr v) root about/around (for sth) (a) (of pigs) turn up the ground with the snout in search of food (指猪)用鼻拱土觅食: rooting for acorns 用鼻拱土寻觅橡实. (b) (of people) turn things over when searching, esp in an untidy way (指人)翻寻, (尤指)乱翻: What are you doing rooting around in my desk? 你在我的书桌里乱翻什麽呀? root for sb/sth (no passive 不用於被动语态) (infml 口) cheer for sb/sth; support sb/sth wholeheartedly 给某人[某事物]打气; 全力支持某人[某事物]: We're rooting for the college baseball team. 我们在给学院的棒球队加油. * We're all rooting for you good luck with your job interview! 我们全都支持你--祝你求职面试成功! root sth out (infml 口) find sth after hard searching 终於找到某物: I managed to root out a copy of the document. 我好不容易才找到了文件的副本.