1 / rEUl; rol/ n
(a) cylinder made by turning flexible material over and over on itself without folding it 卷状物: Wallpaper is bought in rolls. 壁纸是成卷买的. * a roll of carpet, film, cloth 一卷地毯﹑ 胶 卷﹑ 布. (b) person or thing with this shape 带有卷状物的人或物: a man with rolls of fat around his stomach 腹部有层层肥肉的男子.
(a) small individual portion of bread baked in a rounded shape 小圆面包: Six brown rolls, please. 请给我来六个黑面包. =>illus at bread 见bread插图. Cf 参看 bun 1. (b) (with a preceding n or ns 用於名词之後) one of these containing the stated filling 有某种馅的小圆面包: a ham roll 火腿面包 * a bacon and tomato roll 腌猪肉加西红柿馅的面包.
swaying movement; action of turning (over) from side to side 摇摆; 摇晃; (左右)翻滚: The slow, steady roll of the ship made us feel sick.船老是晃晃悠悠的, 弄得我们很恶心. * walk with a nautical roll, ie like a sailor 走路摇摇晃晃(像海员似的) * a horse enjoying a roll in the grass 在草地上尽情打滚的马. Cf 参看 pitch3 6.
official list or register, esp of names 正式的表册; 登记表; (尤指)名单, 花名册: the electoral roll, ie the list of people eligible to vote in an election 选举人名单 * call/read the roll in school, class, etc, ie read aloud a list of names to check whether everyone is present 在学校﹑ 班...里点名.
long steady vibrating sound 持续而平稳的振动声: A `drum roll preceded the most dangerous part of the performance. 演出快进行到最惊险的部分时响起了咚咚的鼓声. * the distant roll of thunder 远处传来的隆隆雷声.
(US infml 口) (Brit `bankroll) wad of paper money 一卷或一叠钞票.
# `roll-bar n bar used to strengthen the roof of a car and protect the occupants if the car rolls over 翻车保护杠(汽车顶部的加固杠, 翻车时可保护乘车人).
`roll-call n (time of) reading aloud of a list of names to check whether everyone is present 点名(时间): Roll-call will be at 7 am. 上午7时点名.
,roll of `honour list of people whose achievements are honoured, esp those who have died in battle 荣誉名册; (尤指)阵亡将士名册.
,roll-top `desk desk with a flexible cover that rolls up into a compartment at the top 卷盖式书桌(顶盖可卷起).