/ rCd; rBd/ n
(often in compounds 常用以构成复合词) thin straight piece of wood or metal (木质或金属的)杆, 竿, 棍, 棒: `curtain-rods 挂帘子的杆子 * a `measuring rod 测杆 * `piston-rods 活塞杆.
stick used for hitting people as a punishment; cane(3a) (责打用的)棍棒.
= fishing-rod (fish2).
(US sl 俚) hand gun 手枪.
= perch1 3.
(idm 习语) make a rod for one's own `back do sth likely to cause oneself difficulties later 自讨苦吃; 自找麻烦. a rod/stick to beat sb with => beat1. rule with a rod of iron => rule v. spare the rod and spoil the child => spare2.