/ 5rEUbCt; `robBt/ n [C]
(also automaton) machine that (resembles and) can perform the actionsof a person, operated automatically or by remote control机器人: Many production-line tasks in car factories are now performed by robots. 在汽车制造厂里, 生产线上的许多工作现在是由机器人来完成的.
(esp derog 尤作贬义) person who seems to behave like a machine 行动像机器般的人. Cf 参看 automaton 2.
(in Southern Africa) an automatic traffic-light (非洲南部)自动交通信号灯.
> robotic / rEU5bCtIk; ro`bBtIk/ adj like a robot; stiff and mechanical 像机器人的; 呆板而机械的: robotic movements 呆板而机械的动作. robotics n [sing v] (study of the) use of robots in manufacturing 机器人的应用; 机器人学.