/ rCb; rBb/ v (-bb-) [Tn, Tn.pr] ~ sb/sth (of sth)1 take property from (a person or place) illegally 抢夺; 抢劫; 盗窃: I was robbed (of my cash and cheque-book). 我(的现金和支票簿)被抢了. * accused of robbing a bank (of one million pounds) 被控抢劫银行(一百万镑). =>Usage 见所附用法.
deprive sb/sth (of what is expected or normal) 剥夺某人[某事物](想要的或应有的事物): Those cats robbed me of my sleep. 那些猫吵得我无法入睡. * (fig 比喻) The fact that he had lied before robbed his words of any credibility. 由於他过去说过谎话, 他的话已经没有人相信了.
(idm 习语) ,rob ,Peter to ,pay `Paul pay one debt, etc with money borrowed from somewhere else, thus creating another debt 借新债还旧债; 拆东墙补西墙.
> robber n person who robs; thief 抢劫者; 强盗; 盗贼.
robbery / 5rCbErI; `rBbErI/ n [C, U]
1 (instance of) stealing; theft 抢劫; 盗窃; 偷盗; 失窃: three robberies in one week 一周内的三起劫案 * Armed robbery is on the increase everywhere. 持械劫案各地均有增无已.
2 (idm 习语) daylight robbery => daylight.
NOTE ON USAGE 用法: Compare rob, steal and burgle. 试比较robstealburgle这三个词. A robber or thief robs a place, eg a bank, or a person (of things, especially money) and he steals things (from a place or person). 劫匪或强盗rob的对象是‘某处所(如银行)或某人’; 他们劫的‘物(尤指钱)’要用‘of +物’来表达. 他们steal的对象是‘物’; 受损失的‘处所或人’要用‘from +处所或人’来表达. A burglar burgles a house by forcing a way into it and stealing from it. 窃贼burgle的对象是‘房子’, 指以破门﹑ 撬锁等手段强行入户行窃.