/ 5raIvl; `raIvl/ n ~ (for/in sth) person or thing competing with another 竞争或相比的人或事物: `business rivals 商业上的竞争对手 * rivals in love 情敌 * a new rival for the title of champion 争夺冠军的新对手 * [attrib 作定语] a rival firm 竞争的商行 * a violinist without rival, ie better than any other 无与伦比的小提琴家 * She has no rival (ie no one is as good as she is) in the field of romantic fiction. 她写的浪漫小说谁也比不了.
> rival v (-ll-; US also -l-) [Tn, Tn.pr] ~ sb/sth (for/in sth) seem or be as good as sb/sth; be comparable to sb/sth 堪与某人[某事物]竞争; 比得上某人[某事物]: a view rivalling anything the Alps can offer 可以与阿尔卑斯山的任何景物相媲美的景色 * Cricket cannot rival football for/in excitement. 板球不如足球有刺激性.
rivalry / 5raIvlrI; `raIvlrI/ n [C, U] (instance of) being rivals; competition 竞争; 竞赛; 对抗; 较量: a country paralysed by political rivalries 由於政治对抗而陷於瘫痪的国家 * the usual rivalry between brother and sister 兄妹之间常见的钩心斗角.