/ 5raIEt; `raIEt/ n
[C] wild or violent disturbance by a crowd of people 暴乱; 骚乱: Riots broke out in several areas. 有几个地方发生了骚乱. * The police succeeded in quelling the riot. 警方把暴乱镇压了下去. * (fig 比喻) There'll be a riot (ie People will be very angry) if the government doesn't invest more in this service. 倘若政府不对此公用事业增加拨款, 就要天下大乱了.
[sing] ~ of sth profuse display (of sth) 充分的表现或展示: The flower-beds were a riot of colour. 花坛里色彩缤纷. * a riot of emotion 感情的宣泄.
a riot [sing] (infml 口) very amusing thing or person 极有趣的事物或人: She's an absolute riot! 她这个人真逗!
(idm 习语) read the Riot Act => read. run `riot behave in a wild, violent or uncontrolled way 撒野; 闹事: Football hooligans ran riot through the town. 闹事的足球迷在城里胡作非为. * (fig 比喻) weeds running riot in the garden 园中蔓延滋长的杂草 * Inflation is running riot and prices are out of control. 通货极度膨胀, 物价失去控制.
> riot v [I, Ipr] take part in a riot 暴动; 闹事: There's rioting in the streets. 街上有人闹事. * renewed outbreaks of rioting 骚乱的再度爆发. rioter n person who riots 参加暴乱者; 闹事者.
riotous / -Es; -Es/ adj
1 (fml or law 文或律) disorderly; unruly 无秩序的; 不守规矩的; 混乱的; 闹事的: a riotous assembly, ie of people 秩序混乱的集会 * charged with riotous behaviour 被控聚众闹事.
2 [attrib 作定语] (usu derog 通常作贬义) boisterous; unrestrained 喧闹的; 不受约束的: a riotous party 喧闹的聚会 * riotous laughter 放声大笑. riotously adv extremely 极端地: riotously funny 非常可笑. riotousness n [U] violent disorderly behaviour 暴乱; 骚乱; 闹事.
# `riot police police trained in dealing with rioters 防暴警察.
`riot shield shield for use by police or soldiers dealing with riots 防暴盾牌(警察或士兵对付暴乱用的).