/ rIm; rIm/ n
edge or border of sth that is (approximately) circular 圆形(或近似圆形)物体的边缘: the rim of a cup, bowl, etc 杯﹑ 碗等的边 * a pair of spectacles with gold rims 一副金框眼镜.
outer edge of a wheel, on which the tyre is fitted (安装轮胎的)辋圈, 轮圈. =>illus at App 1 见附录1插图, page xiii.
> rim v (-mm-) [Tn] provide (sth) with a rim; be a rim for (sth) 给(某物)镶边; 形成(某物)的边缘: Mountains rimmed the valley. 群山环绕着这个山谷.
rimless adj (of spectacles) having lenses which have no frames round them (指眼镜)无框的.
-rimmed (forming compound adjs 用以构成复合形容词) having a rim or rims of the type specified 有某种边缘或边框的: steel-rimmed glasses 钢框眼镜 * red-rimmed eyes, eg from weeping 眼眶发红(如因哭泣).