/ rIdV; rIdV/ n
raised line where two sloping surfaces meet; narrow raised strip 脊; 脊梁; 脊状物: the ridge of a roof 屋脊 * There are ridges on the soles to help the boots grip the surface. 靴底有凸起的条纹防滑. * a series of ridges in a ploughed field ?过的田地上的?. Cf 参看 furrow.
narrow stretch of high land along the top of a line of hills; long mountain range 山脊; 山脉.=>illus at mountain 见mountain插图. Cf 参看 plateau.
(in meteorology) elongated region of high pressure (气象学用语)高压脊. Cf 参看 trough 4.
> ridge v [Tn] cover (sth) with or make (sth) into ridges 给(某物)加脊状物; 使(某物)成脊状: a slightly ridged surface 略呈脊状的表面.
# `ridge-pole n horizontal pole at the apex of the roof of a long tent (长形帐篷的)横梁.
`ridge-tile n any of the tiles placed on the apex of the sloping roof of a building 脊瓦.
`ridgeway n (Brit) road or track along the ridge of a hill 山脊路; 山脊小径.