/ 5rIbEn; `rIbEn/ n
[C, U] (length of) silk, nylon, etc woven in a narrow strip and used for tying sth or for ornament (丝﹑ 尼龙等的)綑紮带, 装饰带: Her hair was tied back with a black ribbon. 她的头发用黑缎带紮在後面. * lengths of ribbon hung from the bride's bouquet 从新娘的花束上垂下来的丝带 * [attrib 作定语] ribbon bows/rosettes 丝带蝴蝶结[玫瑰花结] * (fig 比喻) a ribbon of land stretching out into the sea 伸入海中的狭长陆地.
[C] ribbon of a special colour, pattern, etc worn to show the award of a medal, an order, etc (奖章﹑ 勳章﹑ 勳位等的)绶带, 勳带, 勳表.
[C] long narrow inked strip of material used in a typewriter, etc (打字机等的)色带: change the typewriter ribbon 更换打字机的色带.
[pl] ragged strips 碎布条 (used esp with the vs and preps shown 尤与以下示例中的动词和介词连用): The wind tore the sail to ribbons. 大风把帆刮成了碎片. * Vandals had slashed/cut the train seats to ribbons. 恣意破坏公物的人把火车座位割碎了. * Her clothes hung in ribbons (about her). 她的衣服褴褛不堪.
# ,ribbon de`velopment (Brit esp derog 尤作贬义) (building of) long lines of houses along a main road leading from a town or village (and thought to spoil the countryside) 带状发展(的建筑物)(自都市沿干线向乡村延伸者, 视为破坏风景之举).