/ rIb; rIb/ n
(a) [C] any one of the 12 pairs of curved bones extending from the backbone round the chest in humans (人的)肋骨: broken, fractured, bruised, etc ribs 折断的﹑ 断裂的﹑ 挫伤的...肋骨 * dig sb/give sb a dig (ie nudge or poke sb) in the ribs 触某人的肋部. =>illus at skeleton 见skeleton插图. (b) [C] corresponding bone in animals (动物的)肋骨, 肋条.
[U, C] cut ofmeat from the ribs of an animal (肋部的)排骨: barbecued spare-ribs 烤猪排骨.
[C] curved part of the structure of sth resembling a rib 类似肋骨的结构: the ribs of a leaf, an umbrella, a fan, a boat 叶主脉﹑ 伞骨﹑ 扇骨﹑ 船的肋材.
[U, C] (stitch producing a) raised line in knitting (织物的)凸起条纹, 罗纹: cuffs knitted in rib 织成罗纹的袖口.
> rib v (-bb-) [Tn, Tn.pr] ~ sb (about/for sth) (infml 口) make fun of sb in a good-natured way; tease 逗弄某人; 戏弄: She was constantly ribbed about her accent. 人家总拿她的口音开玩笑. * rib sb for being shy 取笑某人害羞. ribbed adj (esp of fabrics) having raised lines (尤指织物)有凸起条纹的, 有罗纹的: ribbed tights/stockings 罗纹裤袜[长统袜] * ribbed corduroy trousers 条绒裤子. ribbing n [U]
1 pattern of raised lines in knitting (织物的)凸条花样, 罗纹.
2 (infml 口) good-natured teasing 逗乐; 戏弄: He takes a good ribbing, ie can accept being teased. 他不怕人家拿他取笑.
# `rib-cage n framework of ribs round the chest 胸廓.
`rib-tickling adj (infml 口) funny or amusing 滑稽的; 有趣的.