/ 9revE5leIFn; 9rZvl`eFEn/ n
[U] making known sth that was secret or hidden; revealing 显露; 泄露; 透露; 揭露: divine revelation of truth 上帝对真理的启示 * the revelation of his identity 他的身分之暴露.
[C] that which is revealed, esp sth surprising 被揭露的事, 暴露出来的事(尤指出人意料者): scandalous revelations in the press 新闻界对丑闻的揭露 * His Hamlet was a revelation to the critics, ie They did not expect him to act so well. 他扮演的哈姆雷特使评论界耳目一新(未料到演得如此之好).
Revelation (Bible 《圣经》) the last book of the New Testament, also called The Revelation of St John the Divine, or (incorrectly) Revelations 《启示录》(《圣经?新约》的最後一卷).