/ rI5vi:l; rI`vil/ v
[Tn, Tf, Tw, Cn.t, Dn.pr, Dpr.f, Dpr.w] ~ sth (to sb) make (facts, etc) known 使(事实等)显露出来; 透露; 泄露; 揭露: reveal secrets, details, methods, faults, feelings 泄露秘密﹑ 披露详情﹑ 透露方法﹑ 揭露错误﹑ 流露感情 * The survey revealed that the house was damp. 那所房子经检视表明很潮湿. * I can't reveal who told me. 我不能透露是谁告诉我的. * Her answers revealed her to be innocent. 她的回答显示出她无辜. * The doctor did not reveal the truth to him. 医生没有向他透露真相. * Teachers revealed to the press that they were going on strike/what action they were taking. 教师向报界透露他们将举行罢教[正在采取的行动].
[Tn] cause or allow (sth) to be seen 展现或显示(某物): The open door revealed an untidy kitchen. 透过敞开的房门可以看见凌乱的厨房. * Close examination revealed a crack in the vase. 花瓶经仔细检查发现有裂璺.
> revealing adj
1 making (facts, etc) known 揭露(事实等)的; 暴露真相的: a revealing slip of the tongue, disclosure, comment 暴露真相的失言﹑ 揭发﹑ 评论 * This document is extremely revealing. 这份文件揭露出大量事实.
2 (usu preceded by very, most, rather, etc 通常用於very﹑ most﹑ rather等之後) causing or allowing (sth) to be seen 展现或显示(某物)的; 显露的: The X-ray was very revealing. 在X射线照射下问题十分清楚. * a rather revealing (ie low-cut) dress 袒胸露肩的连衣裙.
# re,vealed re`ligion religion believed to have been revealed to mankind directly by God 天启教(据信为直接由上帝启示於人类的宗教).