/ rI5zQlt; rI`zQlt/ n
(a) [C, U] ~ (of sth) effect or outcome (of sth) 结果; 效果: The flight was delayed as a result of fog. 因有雾该航班误点. * His limp is the result of an accident. 他腿瘸是事故所致. * (fml 文) I was late, with the result that (ie so that) I missed my train. 我迟到了, 没能赶上火车. * All our hard work produced little or no result. 我们辛苦努力无甚结果. * My investigations were without result. 我的调查毫无结果. (b) results [pl] significant and pleasing outcome 成果; 成效: That trainer knows how to get results from his horses. 那个驯马师掌握行之有效的驯马技巧. * begin to show, produce,achieve results 开始显示﹑ 产生﹑ 获得成果.
[C] (a) (esppl 尤作复数) ~ (of sth) statement of the score, marks or name of the winner in a sporting event or a competition or an examination, etc (运动﹑ 竞赛﹑ 考试等的)结果, 比分, 成绩, 优胜者: `football, racing, etc results 足球比赛﹑ 速度竞赛等的结果 * have good/bad exam results 考试成绩优良[不佳] * The result of the match was a draw. 比赛结果不分胜负. * announce the results of an election 宣布选举结果. (b) (esp sing 尤作单数) (Brit infml 口) (esp in football) win (尤指足球比赛)获胜, 赢: We desperately need a result from this match. 这场比赛我们务必获胜.
[C] answer to a mathematical problem, etc found by calculation (数学问题等通过计算而获得的)答案.
> result / rI5zQlt; rI`zQlt/ v
1 [I, Ipr] ~ (from sth) occur as a result(1a) (因而)发生, 产生, 出现: injuries resulting from a fall 因摔倒而受的伤.
2 (phr v) result in sth have a specified effect or consequence 产生某种作用或结果: Our efforts resulted in success/failure. 我们的努力终於成功[失败]了. * The talks resulted in reducing the number of missiles/missile reduction. 谈判结果削减了导弹数量.
resultant / -Ent; -Ent/ adj [attrib 作定语] (fml 文) happening as a result or consequence 因而发生的; 必然产生的: the resultant profit from reducing staff and increasing sales 因裁员和增加销量而获得的收益.