/ 9restE5reIFn; 9rZstE`reFEn/ n
[U] ~ (to sb/sth) return of sth lost, etc to its owner (遗失等物的)归还原主: the restoration of stolen property, goods, etc 失窃财物﹑ 物品等的归还.
[U] ~ (to sth) restoring or being restored to a former place or condition 回复到原处或原状; 恢复: the restoration of the Elgin marbles to Greece 埃尔金大理石雕塑品的交还给希腊 * her restoration to complete health 她的完全康复 * the restoration of order after the riots 骚乱之後秩序的恢复.
[U, C] ~ (to sb/sth) reintroduction of sth, eg after it has lapsed or been withdrawn 重新采用, 恢复(如消失或取消後): the restoration of old customs 旧习俗的恢复 * We demand an immediate restoration of our right to vote. 我们要求立即恢复我们的选举权.
[C, U] (example of the) work of restoring a ruined building, work of art, etc to its original condition (损坏的建筑物﹑ 艺术品等的)修复, 整修: undergo a lengthy process of restoration 经过漫长的修复过程 * The palace is closed during restorations/for restoration. 宫殿於整修期间[因整修]停止开放. * [attrib 作定语] the museum restoration fund 整修博物馆的资金 * (a) full/complete restoration of the damaged painting, vase, mosaic, etc 受到损坏的画﹑ 花瓶﹑ 镶嵌画等的完全修复.
[C] building formerly ruined and now rebuilt; reconstruction (毁坏後重建的)建筑物; 重建: The castle is largely a restoration, ie little of the original is left. 该城堡大部分是重建的.
[C] model representing the supposed form of an extinct animal, a ruined building, etc (绝种动物﹑ 已毁建筑物等的)模型: a restoration of an Iron-Age cave dwelling 模拟铁器时代穴居生活的洞穴.
theRestoration [sing] (period following) the re-establishmentof the monarchy in Britain in 1660, when Charles II became king (1660年英王查理二世的)王政复辟(时期): [attrib 作定语] Restoration comedy, poetry 王政复辟时期的喜剧﹑ 诗.