/ rI5spCnsIv; rI`spBnsIv/ adj
~ (to sb/sth) (a) responding warmly or favourably; sympathetic 反应热烈的或良好的; 赞同的; 支持的: a responsive class, audience, etc 积极应答的班级﹑ 反应很热烈的观众 * be responsive to suggestions, ideas, criticisms, etc 对建议﹑ 意见﹑ 批评等表示欢迎. (b) [usu pred 通常作表语] reacting quickly or favourably; easily controlled 反应灵敏; 易受控制: These brakes should be more responsive. 这些制动器应该更灵敏些. * a flu virus that is not responsive to treatment 不易治疗的流感病毒 * a horse responsive to the needs of its rider 很好骑的马.
[esp attrib 尤作定语] given or made as an answer 回答的; 应答的: a responsive smile, gesture, wink, etc 表示回应的微笑﹑ 手势﹑ 眨眼等. > responsively adv. responsiveness n [U].