/ rI5spCnsEbl; rI`spBnsEbl/ adj
[pred 作表语] ~ (for sb/sth); ~ (for doing sth) legally or morally obliged, eg to take care of sb/sth or to carry out a duty, and liable to be blamed if one fails (在法律上或道义上)须负责任, 承担责任: All pilots are responsible for their passengers' safety. 凡是飞机驾驶员均应对乘客的安全负责. * I am wholly/partly responsible for the confusion. 我对此混乱情况负有全部[部分]责任. * You must make yourself personally responsible for paying these bills. 你应该个人支付这些帐.
[pred 作表语] ~ to sb/sth having to account for one's actions to an authority or a superior 对自己的行动向主管者或上级承担责任: be directly/indirectly responsible to the President直接[间接]向总统负责.
[pred 作表语] ~ (for sth) answerable for one's behaviour 应对自己的行为负责: A drunk man cannot be held/considered fully responsible for his actions. 醉汉不能为其行为负全部责任.
(a) (of people) capable of being relied on; trustworthy (指人)可靠的, 可信赖的: behave like responsible citizens, adults, committee members 做有责任心的公民﹑ 成年人﹑ 委员 * She is very responsible for (ie considering that she is) a six-year-old. 对於六岁的孩子来说, 她算是很靠得住的. Cf 参看 irresponsible. (b) [esp attrib 尤作定语] (of jobs, etc) needing sb who can be relied on; involving important duties (指工作等)需可靠的人来做的; 责任重大的: a highly responsible position, appointment, role 极其重要的职位﹑ 职务﹑ 职责.
[pred 作表语] ~ (for sth) being the cause (of sth) 作为(某事物的)原因; 应归咎或归功(於某事物): Who's responsible for this mess? 是谁弄得这麽乱? * Smoking is responsible for many cases of lung cancer. 吸烟是许多人患肺癌的致病因素.
> responsibly / -EblI; -EblI/ adv in a rational or trustworthy way 明事理地; 合乎理性地; 可信赖地: act, behave responsibly 行动﹑ 行事靠得住.