1 / rI5spekt; rI`spZkt/ n
[U] ~ (for sb/sth) admiration felt or shown for a person or thing that has good qualities or achievements; regard 尊敬; 敬重; 钦敬: a mark, token, etc of respect 尊敬的标志﹑ 表示等 * have a deep, sincere, etc respect for sb 深深地﹑ 由衷地...敬重某人 * I have the greatest respect for you/hold you in the greatest respect. 我非常尊敬您. * The new officer soon won/earned the respect of his men. 那新来的军官很快博得了士兵的钦敬.
[U] ~ (for sb/sth) politeness or consideration arising from admiration or regard 尊敬之表示; 尊重之情: Children should show respect for their teachers. 学生要尊敬老师. * Out of respect, he took off his hat. 他脱帽以示敬意. * have some, little, no, etc respect for sb's feelings 相当﹑ 不太﹑ 毫不...尊重某人的感情 * With (all due) respect, sir, I disagree. 先生, 恕我直言, 我不能同意.
[U] ~ (for sb/sth) protection or recognition 维护; 承认; 尊重: very little respect for human rights 极不尊重人权.
[C] particular aspect or detail 方面; 着眼点: in this one respect 在这一点上 * in some/all/many/several/few respects 在某些[各个/许多/几个/极少]方面 * In what respect do you think the film is biased? 你认为影片在哪一方面失之偏颇?
(idm 习语) in respect of sth (fml or commerce 文或商) as regards sth; with special reference to sth 关於某事物; 就某方面而言: The book is admirable in respect of style. 这本书风格极佳. * price rises in respect of gas and water costs 煤气费和水费涨价. with respect to sth (fml or commerce 文或商) concerning sth 涉及﹑ 提到或关於某事物: This is true with respect to English but not to French. 这一点在英语属实而在法语则不同. * With respect to your enquiry, I enclose an explanatory leaflet. 关於你的询问, 兹附上有关说明资料.
> respects n [pl] (fml 文)
1 polite greetings 敬意; 问候: Give/send/offer him my respects. 代我向他致意.
2 (idm 习语) pay one's respects => pay2.