/ rI5kwest; rI`kwZst/ n
~ (for sth/that...) (a) act of asking for sth in speech or writing, esp politely (口头或书面的)要求; (尤指)请求: make repeated requests for help 一再请求帮助 * your request that I should destroy the letter 你要求我销毁那封信一事. (b) thing asked for in this way 要求或请求的事物: Your requests will be granted. 你的请求能够获准. * [attrib 作定语] a request programme, show, etc, ie in which music is played that has been requested by listeners 点播的节目﹑ 演出等.
(idm 习语) at sb's request/at the request of sb because of sb's wish 应某人之请求; 鉴於某人之请求: I came at your (special) request. 我是(特别)应你要求而来的. by request (of sb) in response to a request (from sb) 应(某人的)请求; 经(某人之)要求: By popular request, the chairman was re-elected. 徇众要求, 主席获重选连任. on re`quest when asked for 一经要求: Catalogues are available on request. 备有目录供索取.
> request v [Tn, Tn.pr, Tf, Dn.t] ~ sth (from/of sb) (fml 文) ask sb, esp politely, in speech or writing to do sth (以口头或书面形式)要求, (尤指)请求某人做某事: request compliance with the rules, eg on a notice 请遵守规则(如告示用语) * All I requested of you was that you came early. 我只要求你早点来. * I requested him to help. 我请求他帮忙. * You are (kindly) requested not to smoke. 请不要吸烟. =>Usage at ask 用法见ask.
# re`quest stop (Brit) place where buses will only stop if a passenger signals (公共汽车的)招手即停车站.