/ 9ri:prE5dju:s; [email protected] -5du:s; 9riprE`dus/ v
[Tn] make a copy of (a picture, etc) 复制(图画等): This copier can reproduce colour photographs. 这台复印机可复制彩色照片.
[Tn, Tn.pr] ~ sth (as sth) cause sth to be seen or heard again, or to occur again 再现某事物的形象或声音; 放映或播放某事物: a portrait that reproduces every detail of the sitter's face 把那被画像的人的容貌表现得维妙维肖的画像 * Her stereo system reproduces every note perfectly. 她的立体声音响设备放音效果极佳. * Can this effect be reproduced in a laboratory? 这种效果能在实验室里产生吗? * The computer reproduced the data as a set of diagrams. 计算机用一组图表把那些数据重新显示出来.
[I] have a specified quality when copied 达到某种复制效果: Some colours reproduce well/badly. 有的颜色复制效果好[].
[I, Tn] (of humans, animals, insects, etc) produce (offspring) by natural means (指人﹑ 兽﹑ 昆虫等)生殖, 繁殖: Ferns reproduce (themselves) by spores. 蕨类植物用孢子繁殖.
> reproducible / -Ebl; -Ebl/ adj that can be reproduced 可复制的; 可重现的; 能繁殖的.
reproduction / 9ri:prE5dQkFn; 9riprE`dQkFEn/ n
1 [U] reproducing or being reproduced 复制; 重现; 繁殖:Compact disc recordings give excellent sound reproduction.激光唱片播放的声音保真度很高.
2 [U] process ofreproducing (reproduce 4) 繁殖过程: study reproductionin shellfish 研究水生有壳动物的繁殖方法.
3 [C] thing reproduced, esp a copy of a work of art 复制品(尤指艺术作品的): Is that painting an original or a reproduction?那幅画是原作还是复制品? * [attrib 作定语] reproductionfurniture, ie made in imitation of an earlier style 仿制的旧式家具.
reproductive / 9ri:prE5dQktIv; 9riprE`dQktIv/ adj of or for reproduction of offspring 生殖的; 繁殖的; 起生殖作用的: reproductive organs, systems, urges 生殖器官﹑ 系统﹑ 慾望.