/ 9reprI5zentEtIv; 9rZprI`zZntEtIv/ adj
~ (of sb/sth) (a) serving to show or portray a classor group 有代表性的; 典型的: Is a questionnaire answeredby 500 people truly representative of national opinion? 一份调查问卷有500人作答, 是否能真正代表全国人民的意见? (b) containing examples of a number of types 包含多种类型的样品的: a representative sample, selection, survey, etc 有多种类型的样品﹑ 锦集﹑ 调查等 * a representative collection of British insects 英国各类昆虫的标本.
consisting of elected deputies; based on representation by these 由选出之代表组成的; 代议制的: representative elections, governments, institutions 代议制的选举﹑ 政府﹑ 机构.
> representative n ~ (of sb/sth) 1 typical example of a class or group 典型; 有代表性的人或事物: Many representatives of the older generation were there. 老一辈的各类人都在那里.
(also infml 口语作 rep) (commerce 商) agent of a firm, esp a travelling salesman (公司的)代理者; (尤指)派出的推销员: act as sole representatives of XYZ Oil 充当XYZ石油公司的总代理.
(a) person chosen or appointed to represent1 (6) another or others; delegate 代表他人的人; 代表: the Queen's representative at the ceremony 参加典礼的女王代表 * send a representative to the negotiations 派代表参加谈判. (b) person elected to represent othersin a legislative body (被选入立法机构的)代表: our representative (ie MP) in the House of Commons 我们在下议院的代表.