2 / rI5pR:t; rI`pRrt/ n
[C] spoken or written account of sth heard, seen, done, studied, etc, esp one that is published or broadcast (口头或书面的)报告, 报道(尤指经传播媒介发表者): reliable, conflicting, detailedreports 可靠的﹑ 互相矛盾的﹑ 详细的报道 * positive/negative reports 持肯定[否定]态度的报道 * produce, submit, draw up regular progress reports 提出﹑ 呈交﹑ 写出定期的进度报告 * a report on the state of the roads, eg from an automobile association 路况报告(如汽车协会提出者) * a firm's annual, monthly, etc reports, ie on its profitability 公司的年度﹑ 月度等报告(关於营利情况的) * `law reports, ie written records of trials, etc in the lawcourts 案例报告(法庭办案等情况的书面记录) * radio/TV/press reports on the crash 广播电台[电视台/报刊]对这一碰撞事故的报道.
[C] (Brit) periodical written statement about a pupil's or an employee's work and conduct (学生的)成绩报告单; (雇员的)工作鉴定书: a `school report 学生成绩报告单 * get a good report from one's boss 得到老板的好评.
(a) [U] (fml 文) common talk or rumour 传闻; 谣言: Report has it that..., ie People are saying that... 据说.... (b) [C] piece of gossip 流言蜚语; 道听途说: I have only reports to go on. 我的依据只是谣传而已.
[U] (fml 文) way in which sb/sth is spoken of; repute 名誉; 名声: be of good/bad report 名声好[].
[C] explosive sound, like that of a gun being fired (似枪炮声的)爆炸声: the sharp report of a pistol, firework, etc 手枪﹑ 爆竹等的尖锐的响声 * The tyre burst with a loud report. 轮胎砰的一声巨响爆裂了.
# re`port card (US) school report 学生成绩报告单.