1 / rI5pR:t; rI`pRrt/ v
[I, Ipr, Tn, Tn.pr, Tw, Tg, Tsg, Cn.a] ~ (on sb/sth) (to sb/sth); ~ sth (to sb) give a spoken or written account of (sth heard, seen, done, studied, etc); describe (以口头或书面形式)报告或报道(所闻﹑ 所见﹑ 所做﹑ 研究所得等); 记述; 叙述: report on recent developments 报告近况 * report (on) progress made 报告所取得的进展 * report a debate, strike, kidnapping 报道辩论情况﹑ 罢工事件﹑ 绑架事件 * Tom reported his discoveries to the professor. 汤姆向教授汇报了自己的发现. * I reported how he had reacted. 我把他的反应做了汇报. * She reported (her) having seen the gunman. 她叙述说曾看见那持枪歹徒. * The doctor reported the patient fit and well. 医生说患者情况良好.
(a) [Tn, Tf, Tnt, Tg, Tsg, Cn.a] make (sth) known, esp by publishing or broadcasting; announce 公布(某事物)(尤指藉出版或广播); 发布; 宣告: Police reported the closure of the road/that the road was closed. 警方宣布那条道路禁止通行. * The poll reported Labour to be leading. 民意测验显示工党领先. * They reported sighting the plane. 他们宣称看见了那架飞机. * The judge reported the case closed. 法官宣布结案. (b) [I, Ipr] ~ (for sth) work as a reporter 从事新闻报道工作; 当记者: report for the Times, the BBC, etc 任《泰晤士报》﹑ 英国广播公司等记者.
[Tn, Tn.pr] ~ sb (for sth); ~ sb/sth (to sb) make a formal complaint or accusation about (an offence or offender) 告发; 举报: report an official for insolence 告一公职人员傲慢无礼 * report a burglary, car crash, fraud, etc to the police 因失窃﹑ 汽车车祸﹑ 受人诈骗等向警方报案 * report sb/sb's lateness to the manager 向经理告发某人[某人迟到一事].
(a) [I, Ipr] ~ (to sb/sth) for sth present oneself as arrived, returned, ready for work, etc 报到; 复命: report to the receptionist/reception (eg in a hotel) for one's room key 向接待员[接待处]报到以索取房间钥匙(如在旅馆中) * report for duty at 7 am 上午7点钟报到上班. (b) [La, Cn.n/a] declare or show oneself or sb to be in a certain state or place 宣布或表明自己或某人处於某种状况或身在某处: report sick, absent, fit 表明有病﹑ 缺席﹑ 健康 * The child was reported missing (ie was said to have disappeared) on Friday. 据说那孩子星期五失踪了. * The officer reported his men in position. 那军官报告其部下已到位.
[Ipr] ~ to sb/sth be responsible to a certain person or department that supervises one's work 对上司或上级部门负责: All representatives report (directly) to the sales department. 所有营业代表均须向销售部(直接)承担责任.
(phr v) report back (from sth) return 归来报到: The officer reported back from leave on Sunday night. 那军官於星期日晚上报到销假. report back (to sb/sth) give a spoken or written account of sb/sth one has been asked to investigate 将调查的某人[某事物]的情况做口头或书面报告: He was requested to report back to the committee about/on the complaint. 委员会要求他对投诉事件做出调查报告.
> reportage / 9repR:5tB:V, also rI5pR:tIdV; 9rZp9Rr`tBV, rI`pRrtIdV/ n [U] (typical style of) reporting news for the media 新闻报道; 报道文体: the skilful reportage of sports journalists 体育记者十分拿手的报道工作.
reportedly adv according to reports (report 1) 据报道; 据说: The star is reportedly very ill. 据说该明星病重.
reporter n person who reports news for the media 记者; 新闻通讯员: press/TV/radio reporters 报刊[电视台/广播电台]记者 * an on-the-spot reporter, ie one who is at the scene of the event 现场记者. Cf 参看 journalist (journal).
# re,ported `speech = indirect speech (indirect).