/ rI5maInd; rI`maInd/ v
[Tn, Dn.f, Dn.w, Dn.t] inform (sb) of a fact or tell (sb) to do sth he may have forgotten 提醒(某人)注意某事或做某事: Do I have to remind you yet again? 还需要我再次提醒你吗? * That (eg What you've just said, done, etc) reminds me. I must feed the cat. 对了, 我该喂猫了(如你刚说的话﹑ 刚做的事等提醒了我). * Travellers are reminded that malaria tablets are advisable. 旅客须知要服用预防疟疾药. * I reminded her how much the fare was. 我提醒她车票的价钱. * Remind me to answer that letter. 提醒我回覆那封信.
[Tn.pr] ~ sb of sb/sth cause sb to remember or be newly aware of sb/sth 使某人回想起或意识到某人[某事物]: He reminds me of his brother. 我见到他便回想起了他的哥哥. * This song reminds me of France. 我一听到这首歌就想起了法国.
> reminder n
1 thing which reminds sb of a fact or person 使某人回想起某事或某人的事物; 帮助记忆或起提醒作用的东西: The statue is a lasting reminder of Churchill's greatness. 这尊塑像使人永远缅怀邱吉尔的伟大功绩.
2 way of reminding sb to do sth 提醒某人做某事的方式; 提示: send, give sb a gentle reminder, eg to pay a bill 婉言提醒某人(如付帐) * The waiters were clearing the tables, which served as a reminder that it was time to leave. 服务员在收拾桌子, 提醒顾客该走了.