/ 5remEdI; `rZmEdI/ n ~ (for sth) 1 [C] (fml 文) treatment, medicine, etc that cures or relieves a disease or pain 袪除或减轻病痛的治疗(法)﹑ 药物等: a popular remedy for flu, toothache, cramp 流感﹑ 牙痛﹑ 痉挛的常用疗法 * I often use herbal remedies. 我常用草药治病. * The remedy seems worse than the disease. 这种疗法比疾病本身更让人难受.
[C, U] (fig 比喻) means of countering or removing sth undesirable 纠正﹑ 矫正或消除某不良事物之方法: seek a remedy for injustice 寻求纠正不公之办法 * He found a remedy for his grief in constant hard work. 他找到了排忧解愁的方法, 就是一刻不停地努力工作. * The mistake is beyond/past remedy, ie cannot be put right. 这个错误是无法补救的.
> remedial / rI5mi:dIEl; rI`midIEl/ adj [attrib 作定语]
1 providing, or intended to provide, a remedy or cure治疗的; 纠正的; 矫正的; 补救的: undergo remedial treatment/therapy, eg for backache 接受缓解治疗[疗法](如治疗背痛) * take remedial measures against unemployment 采取对付失业现象的补救措施.
2 (of education) for slow learners or pupils suffering from disadvantages (指教育)(为後进学生提供)辅导的, 补习的: remedial classes, lessons, groups, etc 补习班﹑ 课﹑ 小组等 * a remedial French course/a course in remedial French 法语补习课程.
remediable / rI5mi:dIEbl; rI`midIEbl/ adj that can be remedied 可治疗的; 可纠正的; 可矫正的; 可补救的.
remedy v (pt, pp -died) [Tn] provide a remedy for (sth undesirable); rectify 治理(不良事物); 纠正; 补救: remedy injustices, mistakes, losses, deficiencies 消除不公﹑ 纠正错误﹑ 弥补损失﹑ 克服缺点 * The situation could not be remedied, ie saved. 情况已无可挽救.