/ rI5laIEbl; rI`laIEbl/ adj consistently good inquality or performance, and so deserving trust; dependable可信赖的; 可靠的: a reliable assistant, witness, report, watch, battery, firm 可靠的助手﹑ 可信的证人﹑ 合乎事实的报道﹑ 走得准的手表﹑ 耐用的电池﹑ 有信用的公司 * be a reliable source of information (about sth) 成为(某事物的)可靠信息来源 * My memory's not very reliable these days. 近来我的记性不太好.
> reliability / rI9laIE5bIlEtI; rI9laIE`bIlEtI/ n [U] state or quality of being reliable 可靠(性); 可信(性).
reliably / -EblI; -EblI/ adv: I am reliably informed that he's about to resign. 我获得可靠消息说他就要辞职了.