/ 5relEvEnt; `rZlEvEnt/ adj ~ (to sth/sb)connected with what is being discussed, what is happening,what is being done, etc 有关的; 切题的: a highly relevant argument, point, suggestion, etc 密切相关的论据﹑ 论点﹑ 建议等 * have all the relevant documents ready 已把一切有关文件准备妥当 * supply the facts (directly) relevant to the case 提供与该案(直接)有关的事实 * Colour and sex are hardly relevant when appointing somebody to a job. 肤色和性别对於任命某人担任某职来说是没有什麽关系的. > relevance / -Ens; -Ens/ (also relevancy/-EnsI; -EnsI/) n [U]: have/bear some relevance to the matter in hand 与要做的事情有一些关系