/ rI5dVekt; rI`dVZkt/ v
[Tn, Cn.n/a] refuse to accept (sb/sth) 拒绝接受(某人[某事物]): reject a gift, a possibility, an opinion, a suggestion 拒绝接受一件礼物﹑ 一种可能性﹑ 一条意见﹑ 一项建议 * a rejected candidate, applicant, etc 遭到拒绝的候选人﹑ 申请人等 * She rejected his offer of marriage. 他向她求婚, 她拒绝了. * After the transplant his body rejected (ie failed to adapt to) the new heart. 他的身体对新移植的心脏产生排斥作用. * The army doctors rejected several recruits as unfit. 军医拒收几名新兵, 认为身体不合格.
[Tn] put (sth) aside or throw (sth) away as not to be used, chosen, done, etc; discard 抛弃(某事物); 摈弃; 剔除: Imperfect articles are rejected by our quality control. 我们进行质量检验时, 有缺陷的产品均予剔除. * reject over-ripe fruit, eg when making jam 除去熟透的水果(如制果酱时).
[Tn] not give due affection to (sb/sth); rebuff 不给予(某人[某事物])应有的爱; 慢待: The child was rejected by its parents. 这孩子未受到父母的疼爱.
> reject / 5ri:dVekt; `ridVZkt/ n rejected person or thing 被拒绝或被抛弃的人或事物: rejects from an officers' training course 军官培训课程的不合格者 * export rejects, ie damaged or imperfect goods 被拒收的出口货物 * [attrib 作定语] reject china, earthenware, etc 不合格的瓷器﹑ 陶器等.
rejection / rI5dVekFn; rI`dVZkFEn/ n (a) [U] rejecting or being rejected 拒绝; 抛弃. (b) [C] instance of this 拒绝; 抛弃: Her proposal met with continual rejections. 她的建议一再遭到拒绝.
# re`jection slip formal note from an editor or a publisher accompanying a rejected article, book, etc 退稿通知单(编辑或出版者附在退稿等上的).