2 / rI5gret; rI`^rZt/ v (-tt-)
[Tn, Tf, Tw, Tt, Tg, Tsg] feel regret about (sth sad, annoying, disappointing, etc) 对(伤心﹑ 恼人﹑ 失望等事)感到惋惜﹑ 懊悔﹑ 遗憾: If you go now, you'll regret it, ie You will wish you had stayed. 假若你现在就走, 一定得後悔. * I regret that I cannot help. 很抱歉, 此事爱莫能助. * It is to be regretted that... 遗憾的是... * I regret what I said. 我很後悔不该说那话. * I regret to say the job has been filled. 十分抱歉, 那个工作已经有人做了. * We regret to inform you..., ie used in letters when giving bad news.兹奉告..., 甚以为憾. (用於以书信通知坏消息) * I regret (his) ever having raised the matter. (他)竟然提出此事, 令人遗憾.
[Tn] feel sorrow about (the loss of sb/sth); wish to have (sb/sth) again 对(失去某人[某事物])感到悲伤或惋惜: regret lost/missed opportunities 对失去[错过]机会感到惋惜 * His death was regretted by all. 他去世了, 大家都很悲痛.
> regrettable / -Ebl; -Ebl/ adj that is or should be regretted 令人痛惜的; 令人遗憾的; 可悲的; 不幸的: regrettable failures, losses, mistakes, etc 令人惋惜的失败﹑ 损失﹑ 错误等 * Her rudeness was most/highly regrettable. 她粗俗无礼, 令人遗憾. re-grettably / -EblI; -EblI/ adv
1 in a regrettable way 惋惜地; 遗憾地; 可悲地: a regrettably small income 少得可怜的收入.
2 it is to be regretted that 十分遗憾; 遗憾的是: Regrettably, the experiment ended in failure. 很遗憾, 该试验最後失败了.