1 / rI5gret; rI`^rZt/ n
[U, C] feeling of sadness at the loss of sb/sth; feeling of annoyance, disappointment or repentance 痛惜; 懊悔; 遗憾; 失望; 悔恨: express, feel regret at/about a missed opportunity 对错过良机表示﹑ 感到懊悔 * I heard of his death with profound/deep/great regret. 我听到他去世的消息感到万分悲痛. * Much to my regret, I am unable to accept your invitation. 很抱歉, 我不能接受你的邀请. * I have no regrets about leaving. 我对离去一事毫不後悔.
regrets [pl] (fml 文) (used in polite expressions of refusal, apology, etc 用以表示拒绝﹑ 歉意等的客气说法): give/send one's regrets, eg in answer to a wedding invitation 深表歉意(如谢绝婚礼邀请) * Please accept my regrets at refusing/that I must refuse. 有拂雅意, 深以为憾.
> regretful / -fl; -fl/ adj feeling or expressing regret 痛惜的; 悔恨的; 遗憾的: a regretful smile, look, etc 抱歉的笑容﹑ 样子等. regretfully / -fElI; -fElI/ with regret; sadly 痛惜地; 悔恨地; 遗憾地; 哀伤地: smile regretfully 遗憾地微笑 * Regretfully, I must decline. 很抱歉, 我不得不辞谢.