/ 9rekE5mend; 9rZkE`mZnd/ v
[Tn, Cn.n/a, Dn.n, Dn.pr] ~ sb/sth (to sb) (for sth/as sth) praise sth as suitable for a purpose; praise sb as suitable for a post, etc; speak favourably of sb/sth 推许某事物; 推荐某人; 赞许某人[某事物]: recommend a car, film, plumber, etc 推荐某汽车﹑ 影片﹑ 管子工等 * What would you recommend for removing ink stains? 你看用什麽方法可除去墨迹? * She was strongly recommended for the post. 她获大力推荐担任这个职务. * I can recommend him as an extremely good accountant. 我推荐他一定能当个极好的会计. * Can you recommend me a good novel? 你给我介绍一本好的小说行吗?
[Tn, Tf, Tw, Tg, Tsg, Dn.t, Dpr.f] suggest (a course of action, treatment, etc); advise 建议(采取某种做法﹑ 对策等); 劝告: I'd recommend extreme caution. 我奉劝多加小心. * I recommend that you resign. 我建议你辞职. * I'm not the person to recommend how the job should be done. 我不是能为做此事出主意的人. * I recommended (you) meeting him first. 我建议(你)先见见他. * I wouldn't recommend you to go there alone. 我劝你不要孤身一人到那里去.
[Tn, Dn.pr] ~ sb/sth (to sb) (of a quality, etc) make sb/sth seem attractive (指特质等)使某人[某事物]显得可取: a plan with nothing, little, something, much, etc to recommend it 毫无﹑ 没有什麽﹑ 有某种﹑ 有许多...可取之处的计画 * His integrity recommended him to his employers. 他很正直, 雇主对他都有好感.
> recommendable / -Ebl; -Ebl/ adj: a highly recommendable film, restaurant, camping site 备受推荐的影片﹑ 餐厅﹑ 露营地.
recommendation / 9rekEmen5deIFn; 9rZkEmZn`deFEn/ n
1 [U] action of recommending 推许; 推荐; 赞许; 建议; 劝告: speak in recommendation of sb/sth 口头推荐某人[某事物] * I bought it on your recommendation, ie because you recommended it. 我是经你推荐买的.
2 [C] (a) statement, letter, etc that recommends sb/sth, esp a person for a job 推荐; (尤指)推荐信, 求职介绍信: write, give sb a recommendation 为某人写推荐信﹑ 给某人一封介绍信. (b) course of action, etc that is recommended 建议采取的做法等: The judge made recommendations to the court. 法官向审判人员提出建议. * a recommendation that the offer of 5% be rejected 对5%这一出价应予拒绝的建议.
3 quality, etc that makes sb/sth seem attractive 使某人[某事物]显得有可取之处的特质等: The cheapness of coach travel is its only recommendation. 乘长途汽车唯一可取之处就是旅费便宜.