2 / rIE(r); rIr/ v
[Tn] (a) (esp Brit) bring up and educate (children, etc) 养育(子女等): rear a family 养家. (b) breed and look after (sheep, poultry, etc); grow or produce (crops) 饲养(羊﹑ 家禽等); 种植(作物). Cf 参看 raise 6.
[I, Ip] ~ (up) (of a horse, etc) raise itself on its hind legs (指马等)用後腿站立: The horse reared (up) in fright. 那马因受惊而用後腿直立(起来).
[Tn] raise (esp one's head) 抬起(尤指头): The snake reared its head. 那蛇扬起了头. * (fig 比喻) terrorism rearing its ugly head again 再次嚣张起来的恐怖主义.