1 / rIE(r); rIr/ n
(usu 通常作 the rear) [sing] the back part 後部; 後面; 背後: a kitchen in/at/to the rear of the house 在房子後部的厨房 * a view of the house taken from the rear 房子的後视景 * attack the enemy's rear 攻击敌人的後部 * [attrib 作定语] a car's rear doors, lights, wheels, window 汽车的後门﹑ 尾灯﹑ 後轮﹑ 後窗.
[C] (infml euph 口, 婉) buttocks 臀部; 屁股: a kick in/on the rear 踢屁股一脚.
(idm 习语) ,bring up the `rear be or come last, eg in a procession, race, etc 处於在最後的位置, 殿後(如列队行进﹑ 赛跑等).
> rearmost / 5rIEmEUst; `rIr9most/ adj furthest back 最後的: the rearmost section of the aircraft 飞机的最後一段机身.
rearward / 5rIEwEd; `rIrwLd/ n [U] the rear (used esp in the expressions shown) 後部, 後面(尤用於以下示例): to rearward of (ie some distance behind) sth 在某物之後 * in the rearward, ie at the back 在後部.
rearwards / 5rIEwEdz; `rIrwLdz/ (also rearward) adv towards the rear 向後: move the troops rearwards 使部队向後移动.
# ,rear-`admiral / 9rIEr 5dmErEl; 9rIr`AdmErEl/ n navalofficer holding a rank between those of commodore and vice-admiral 海军少将: Rear Admiral (Tom) King (汤姆?)金海军少将. =>App 9 见附录9.
`rearguard n (usu the rearguard) [CGp] body of troops sent to guard the rear of an army, esp when it is retreating 後卫部队(尤指军队撤退时的). Cf 参看 vanguard. `rearguard action 1 fight between an army in retreat and the enemy 後卫战斗(後撤的部队与敌军之间的战斗). 2 (fig 比喻) struggle continued even when it is unlikely to succeed 即使无望取胜也要继续进行的斗争: The government is fighting a rearguard action against the mass of public opinion. 政府冒天下之大不韪负隅顽抗.
,rear-view `mirror mirror in which a driver can see traffic, etc behind him 後视镜(供司机观察後面情况的). =>illus at App 1 见附录1插图, page xii.