1 / reI; re/ n
(a) narrow beam or line of light or other radiation, eg energy or heat (光或其他辐射, 如能或热的)线, 射线: the rays of the sun 太阳的光线 * `X-rays X射线 * `heat-rays 热辐射线 * [attrib 作定语] a `ray gun, eg in science fiction 光线枪(如科学幻想小说中的). (b) ~ of sth (fig 比喻) slight indication of sth good or hoped for (好事或所希望的事物的)点滴迹象: a ray of comfort (for us) in these troubled times 在这些忧心的日子里(给予我们)的一丝安慰 * a few rays of hope 一线希望.
any one of a number of lines, bands, etc coming out from a centre (从中心向外发出的)线﹑ 条﹑ 带等.
(idm 习语) a ray of `sunshine (infml often ironic 口, 常作反语) person or thing that makes sb's life brighter or more cheerful 给某人的生活带来光明或快乐的人或事物.