1 / reE(r); rZr/ adj (-r, -st)
not often happening or seen, etc; unusual 稀有的; 罕见的; 不寻常的: a rare occurrence, sight, visitor 稀罕事﹑ 罕见的景象﹑ 稀客 * a rare book, plant, butterfly, ie one of only a few that exist珍本书﹑ 珍奇的植物﹑ 稀有的蝴蝶 * With rare exceptions, he does not appear in public now. 除了极其个别的情况外, 他现在不公开露面. * It is rare for her to arrive late. 她很少有迟到的时候.
[attrib 作定语] (dated 旧) unusually good or great 极好的; 极大的: be shy, tolerant, etc to a rare degree 极为?腆﹑ 宽容等 * We had a rare (old) time at the party. 我们在聚会时玩得高兴极了.
(of gases, esp the atmosphere) of less than usual density (指气体, 尤指空气)稀薄的.
> rarely adv not often; seldom 不常: I rarely eat in restaurants. 我很少在饭馆吃饭. * (fml 文) Only rarely do I eat in restaurants. 我极少到饭馆就餐.
rareness n [U].
# ,rare `earth any of a group of metallic elements with similar chemical properties 稀土元素.
NOTE ON USAGE 用法: A thing or an event may be rare when it is found or occurs infrequently. 很少见到的东西或很少发生的现象, 可用rare一词来表达. It may once have been common 这类东西或现象可能在过去很普通: The panda is now a rare animal. 熊猫现在是稀有动物. * A top hat is a rare sight these days. 高顶大礼帽现在已不多见. It may have a special value 这类事物有的可能有特殊价值: a painting of rare distinction 一幅希世之珍的画儿. Something, usually a thing in daily use, is scarce when it is hard to get because it is in short supply 有些东西, 通常为日用品, 因匮乏而难以得到, 即是scarce: Water is scarce in the desert. 在沙漠里水是很难得到的. * Strawberries are scarce this year. 今年草莓很少.